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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Creat a free website with blogger how?

Creat a free website with blogger how?

Creat a free website with blogger how?
If you want to create a professional blogger web-site for free, ?So you have come to the right place, in this post you have got information, how can you create a website for free.

Do you know that to make a website, you first have to buy a domain and need a hosting with which you create a website and you need coding knowledge in it.I will tell you how you can create a professional website with the help of a domain for free and make money with it.That I have a lot of websites in the market to take free domains.You can go with Doman and create a great and professional website for free.

These types of things are need to create a website.

You have to create a gmail account.
Sign up in blogger.com.
Find your free domain with yoursite.blogspot.com
Download blogger them and apply.
Your website is ready.

You can make a website mobile and pc and other smart devices.

Create a free website in blogger.com

First you have to create a Gmail account.and go to blogger.com
After going to Blogger.com you will have to sign up with your Gmail account there,then confirm your profile to enter your display name and click the Continue to blogger button.
Create a free website in blogger

Now you're enter to the blogger dashboard click the Create new blog button,Something like this will appear on your screen.
Create a free website in blogger
After that you BLOG'S LIST>Creat a new blog It will be below Title and adress.

In the title section enter your website name and the address section enter your website address (domain) If "Sorry, this blog adress in not available"  is shown there. If this particular domain is registered,Then you have find and register a unique domain,And select the correct theme as your choice and apply.
If you don't like the theme, you can download from outside.

From the website link given below, you can download the very best themes for Blogger.
and Click the Creat blog button.
If you want, you can also use domain purchase from Google.

  • Now your website is live,Now click the left side posts button and write your article and publis.
  • Click the theme button and change the theme and edit the html code 
  • In the layout button you can customize your website fully modified .
Create a free website in blogger
  • The final step enter your website description,add blog archives,adjust comments and share.
  • Add meta tags, submit Google search console, enable costom robot TXT add,then you add monetization with Google Adsense.
  • Then you got settings data import and back up your content, allow blog freed,add your Google analytics code for analys your website traffic.
  • In the general section edit your blogger profile and other settings.
    Create a free website in blogger

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