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Monday, November 18, 2019

Download merry Christmas wishing script | merry Christmas 2019-2020 wishing script

  2019-20 Merry Christmas wishing script download free and PRO.
2019-2020 Merry Christmas wishing script download free and PRO

Hello Friends, I will give you 2019-20 merry Christmas Wishing Script today, which you can use every day for 200 to $ 300 income.It is very easy to create a wishing website which you can use and do a lot of earning on this  festive season ones you creat a wishing website you increase income source.If you do not know how to create a wishing website, I have seen the first post or you can go and know how to create a wishing website.

Creat a free wishing website with blogger

I am going to give you today the 2019-20 merry Christmas wishing script that you use.

2019-2020merry Christmas wishing script
Merry Christmas wishing script for

2019-2020 merry Christmas wishing script features:

  • The design of this theme is very responsive.
  • Adsense friendly theme.
  • This theme is free and fully customisable.
  • You can add odd own music.
  • Fast loading as your script speed.
  • Background music.
  • Background Color Changer.
  • Text Animations.
  • Background Text Animations.
  • Auto time countdown
  • You can direct share WhatsApp,and Facebook.etc.
  • You have a blogger account and creat a demo website.

If you don't know how to make a blogger account
 Adsense verified non-hosted account.

If you do not have approval of adsense account, then you can take a other of Ad  publisher company approved account.

Facebook and WhatsApp group,pages for share.

You need a attractive and responsive script.

And share the script before 15 days coming festival.

Don't forget things to Change
1.You changes then Ctrl+H Find and replace as your choice.

2.  "Blogger NavBar"Off from blogger.

3. Change the default code in blogger type Ctrl + A for all select and erase and Click on "Save Theme".

Installation step:

  • Login in  Blogger.com account if you have no blogger account then sign up,if you don't know have how to create a blogger account.
  • Touch "Create Blog" then Select a free domain or bye domain that you suits .and you go with the free domain,if you want to bay a Domen you go.
  • then click on the theme menu.
apply ethiral theme or recommended the is Simple theme .

then click theme  icon given on mobile template option and select No. Responsive theme for mobile,pc.

go to down and click on Revert to Classic Themes and above html select off on Nav Bar

Download the script code from the link given below.

Replace the Your Url Here from the right place in our blog url via Ctrl+H find and replace.

if you Youuse Android device, then you need a best Html code editing app for Android.

Put the Google analytics code for analys your website traffic.

Put the right place Ad code as your choice and make money.

and now your site is ready…

Share this in your WhatsApp group and Facebook group.
Happy new year wishing script watch demo
Happy new year wishing script download

watch full tutorial

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